August 2019

Show Off Your Dance Moves with Dad at Your Wedding Reception
The father-daughter dance is one of the most timeless and importance parts of your entire wedding night. It’s within those special moments that tears may be shed, laughter is heard, [...]
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5 Things to Think About When Hiring A Live Wedding Band
Music is the best part of any wedding! It has a way of really setting the mood and bringing everything alive on your special day. From the music you play [...]
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80s Tunes That Will Bring Everyone to the Dance Floor at Your Wedding
Let’s face it: trap music may be all fun and games, and many songs in the Top 40 right now are catchy and entertaining for sure.   But when it [...]
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4 Steps for the Perfect First Dance
Few wedding moments are as charged with emotion and nervousness than the First Dance. Especially if you, or your partner, are not used to having so many pairs of eyes [...]
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