Your wedding day will be sprinkled with moments full of magic and beauty: the moment you walk down the aisle, the moment you say I Do, the moment you have your first dance… 

Although definitely not mandatory, a father daughter dance can add a dash of sentimentalism and beauty to your wedding day, showing your dad just how much he means to you and how much you care about him.  

What are some of the most beautiful rock ballads you could use for your father daughter dance? We have some suggestions for you – so read on and find out more.  

  • The Beatles, In My Life. If you are looking for a good, old rock classic song, you should definitely look into The Beatles discography – there’s just no way you won’t fall in love with their music (if you haven’t already). This particular song fits the occasion very well – and it will definitely draw out some tears (both from you and your dad and from your guests).  
  • Bruce Springsteen, When You Need Me. Bruce has this country vibe about his music that makes it irresistible to many people, even those who are not particularly fond of the rock genre. This song here is a really good fit for the father daughter dance, and for a million reasons: starting with the lyrics and ending with the fact that Springsteen is one of those names your dad probably appreciates quite a lot.  
  • Guns’n’Roses, Sweet Child O’MineThis is an all-time favorite for father daughter dances – and for all the right reasons. The music is energizing and sweet at the same time, the lyrics are perfect for the occasion, and the song itself will be recognized by everyone in the room, from the youngest to the oldest.  
  • Queen, You Are My Best Friend. If you want to show your father he will always be your best friend no matter what, this is it, the song that will do it perfectly well. Everyone loves Freddie, so this song will surely go right to your guests’ hearts and create fond memories 


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