Demographics of Boston, MA

The largest city of Massachusetts, US, is Boston, which also happens to be the city’s capital. The capital covers an approximate area of 125sq.kms and is situated at 19 ft. from sea level. The city’s geography is split into two- of which the land masses occupy 54%, and the remaining is water.

Population in Boston, MA has reached a toll of nearly 4.5 million people, and interestingly, over 13% of them go to work on foot. This is the highest amount for any US metropolis. Flights to Boston raise the scale, bringing nearly 15 million passengers a year.

busy street in bostonThe city comfortably sits on the vast Shawmut Peninsula and marks the converging spot for the two major rivers, Charles and The Mystic. It’s surrounded by marshy swamps, which separate it from the main lands, also because of its altitude. Dubbed “the city of neighborhoods,” Boston, MA is encompassed by 21 neighboring cities, towns and suburbs. The city’s rivers separate it from these neighbors, defining the perimeters of the city naturally.

The city has an average annual temperature of 52 degrees Fahrenheit, with the coldest month being January, where the temperature drops to as low as 29.3 degrees. The month of July is the hottest, with peaking temperatures of 51.6 degrees.

The downtown region isn’t particularly mapped out; it’s haphazard. On the other hand, the other areas of the city are well-planned and have a neat grid layout. It has a large rapid transit system, the famous MBTA’s green, that serves a large percentage of both locals and visitors, and which happens to be the world’s oldest subway system.

Boston’s median household income was last recorded at $51,739. The city has an ever-changing population distribution mainly made up of Whites, Latin Americans, and Asian and a small percentage of African-Americans. People with an Irish ancestry make up the largest percentage followed by those of Italian and West Indian ancestries in that order. The city is a tourist attraction, and this fact is proved simply by Faneuil Hall’s visitor status of over 20 million people, annually!

The States are most famous for the baseball leagues, and Boston, MA is known to hold the earliest morning event annually! The Red Sox plays the home game.

When it comes to education, the city is called America’s Athens City, with over a hundred institutes and universities. A large number of local international students complete their higher studies from the Greater Boston area.

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