Event & Wedding Bands in Burlington, VT

Since the birth of Kahootz Entertainment in 2001, we have traveled all throughout New England to give the magic of music to all special events. Music captivates special moments and we cherish the fact that we can accent special events in peoples lives with our performances. We have three bands that have experience keeping guests on the dance floor and having a good time. Our newest band, KB3, has already been making big waves in the industry as they have played multiple showcases and a couple of wedding receptions. Our other bands, Kahootz and K2, have years of experience playing in New England, especially Burlington, VT. As Vermont’s biggest city, we have had the opportunity to play in the multiple churches that Burlington hosts.

Along with providing musical services, Kahootz Entertainment also had different packages that fit well for any event. Whether it is a wedding, private event, birthday event or corporate event, all three bands take pride in making sure your event is the best it can be. Additional services that are provided by Kahootz Entertainment includes:

Out of these services, our Snapchat Filter package is the newest. In addition to amazing music that guests can request and pick out from out song lists, you can share your experience with your friends. We create filters specific to each event that people who use Snapchat can use when they take a photo or video. We feel that sharing special moments is magical and we want to help enhance that experience.

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