High Schools in Boston, MA

Boston is often referred to as ‘the Athens of America’ for the reason of its immense intellectual, political and financialpanoramic view of a school persuade as well as being renowned for its superior higher educational institutions and universities. The capital of Massachusetts and very accepted city in the U.S. Boston recognized for a celebrated tourists’ destination on the planet. Every year the Boston Logan International Airport greets multitudes of cheap Boston flights from all over the world made for tourism and sightseeing sake. Apart from its world-recognized institutions of higher learning like MIT and Harvard, Boston is also home to some of the best high schools in the Country.

Snowden International School

Snowden is one of the very best high schools in both Boston and Massachusetts at large. Everything about the school which is located at Copley is excellent. There are unlimited after-school options, and the system offers an international-themed curriculum with full years of learning a language of your choice including Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, and French. Snowden International School also offers yearly educational field excursions to various countries and several sports options.

Boston College High School

This is one of top-ranking college preparatory high school within the Boston, MA. The school was established in the 1860s by the Roman Catholic and is highly affiliated to Boston College. This historic boy’s school offers quite a challenging curriculum which includes a lot of AP courses. Other features include numerous intramural and a very competitive sports program. The teachers are very friendly and are always available to assist their students both at school and at home through email. Parents are also kept informed on the progress and academic performance of their kids at all times. BCH gets its college-like nature from the fact that most students use commuter trains to travel to school and back.

Commonwealth School

Commonwealth School is a privately run high school with a little around 200 students. It is situated in Back Bay and does not feature very competitive sporting activities mainly due to its size. However, what it lacks in the extra-curricular activities is compensated in the top-notch education and the state-of-the-art facilities. The school is dedicated to providing elite education for serious students who are ready to dive into the university challenge. As such, the leaning program is intense and so is the workload. The teachers are very professional and supportive.

Other top high schools near Boston, MA include Excel Academy Charter School, The Newman School, Match Charter Public School, St John School, Cambridge Rindge and Latin and Boston Latin School among others.

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