Libraries in Boston, MA

American history can be seen at almost every turn in Boston, MA. There is only so much you can learn through tours. In fact, studying this history is a great way to make your stay in Boston a little bit interesting. The local libraries are a great way to replenish your understanding of historical facts of this beautiful city and beyond. The list below is a part of Boston top libraries.

Boston Public Library

As the first of its kind, this library is famous for being one Americas greatest library of all time. The great architectural design and superb reading spaces make it an ideal place to work/study in and visit respectively. The museum boasts of having over 6 million books, a collection of over 1.2 million copies of rare manuscripts and books, and a vast collection of maps, prints pictures, and musical scores. It is neatly organized and comfy and has a small cafe for coffee and snacks on the second floor.

North End Branch of the Boston

This is another nice study area within Boston that is majorly known for its friendly and very welcoming staff and the cozy communal atmosphere.

Boston Public Library’s West End Branch

This is a small branch of the giant Boston Public Library that is very friendly and resourceful. The library has found a perfect way to reach out to the community through songs, books and other activities. The courteous and very helpful staff make it ideal for small kids and families.

Boston College Library

Boston College is a prestigious university in Massachusetts that has a long established tradition dating back as far as the 19th century. Notable alumni from the university include Massachusetts Democrat Senator and former Presidential Candidate John Kerry. The university is a powerhouse when it comes to art, literature and undeniably sports.

For those not following a course at Boston College visiting the campus still offers much to discover. The campus itself is vast, grand and an extremely pleasant environment with long stretches of green grass, a reservoir and a host of olden gothic structures give it a great deal of character. Strolling through the ground will provide visitors with diverse scenery making for and a varied and eventful visit.

Despite being a beautiful and historic part of Boston, MA, the College also houses eight research libraries that collectively house over 2 million printed volumes which include journals, papyrus scrolls, government documents, manuscripts, and much more. The university also has several museums that showcase a wealth of items including Greek pottery, Irish literature, Caribbean Folk Art in addition to a host of artwork from around Asia, Europe and the Americas. Exhibits at the museums include works by John LaFarge, Frank Stella, Edvard Munch, and many others.

Lovers of art will also find a visit to the Students Art Gallery showcases an impressive collection of art created by the talented students of Boston College. Touring through the gallery will allow visitors to see the works of the new and upcoming talent in the world of art.

There are many other big and small libraries in Boston, MA that help it live up to its name as an educational hub.

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