Boston, MA is famously known for its capital city of Massachusetts status and for being a worthy tourist destination with a plethora of attraction sites and historic places. It features a diverse and beautiful environment with a vast list of activities, vistas and entertainment options. Boston is a lovely and very family friendly and prides itself in being home to several reputable institutions of higher learning. These institutions have, for a long time, played a major role in both the local and regional economies.

bridge in bostonFor most people, the arrival at Boston will generally be via Logan Airport. This is a bustling airport which serves both domestic and international flights. Located just 3 miles from the downtown area of Boston, which makes transportation to hotel or city destinations that much easier. Taxi's, shuttle buses or the subway can get you cheaply to the downtown Boston area. A taxi from the airport to your downtown hotel will cost you around a few dollars, which includes all fees and tolls to the city. Your trip should take you no more than 20 minutes as long as you miss rush hour, although there is a possibility of congestion from the Callahan and Sumner tunnels during busy periods. For an easier and faster method of getting around, use the subway, which is just a ten-minute ride to the city center on the phenomenal MBTA Blue line.

The youthful and vibrant feel of the city is one of the main attractions for visitors to Boston and perhaps the best place to indulge in this atmosphere is at Boston Common. This great old public park is a place where you can walk, sit, run, skate or whatever travel mode you opt to settle for. Boston Common is a superb place to relax and take in the fabulous view of the city and explore some of the attractive gardens which surround you. A real rival to the Famous central park of NYC. For sports fans, no visit would be complete without taking in a baseball game with the Boston Red Sox.

There are a number of neighborhoods in Boston which are worthy of a mention. One of the most prestigious areas to explore is Beacon Hill in Downtown Boston. Just north from Boston Common, this area is excellent for walking and enjoying the fabulous sights and wonderful buildings including the King's Chapel and the Old State House. Walking through the city is the only way to truly get to grips with all the stunning scenery and multiple attractions and that historic feel.

Boston MA Points of Interest

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