Rina Kohmoto
Japanese pianist Rina Kohmoto has appeared as a distinguished collaborative artist and a versatile pianist. Throughout the years, she has had the opportunity to perform, tour, and collaborate with many great artists. Her career highlights include performances in Tokyo Eco-life Fair 2015 held by the Ministry of Environment of Japan, CID-UNESCO World Dance Congress 2014 where she collaborated with dance and visual arts, and chamber music performances in major concert halls. She has also participated in recordings published from major labels in Japan as a pianist, vocalist and lyric writer. Born and raised in Naoshima Japan, Rina began playing the piano at the age of 3 and soon started taking classical piano lesson where she established her solid piano technique. Since she was a child, she has always loved to explore and learn new things, which led her to engage in a various kinds of collaboration projects and also led her to Berklee College of Music where she is now studying jazz and world music as a scholarship student. Soon after she entered Berklee, Rina won the competition for Emanuel Zambelli Scholarship Award and held a solo piano recital as part of Berklee Piano Week. She has been recognized as an experienced pianist and involved in a number of projects, recordings and concerts around Boston.