Dance floor was packed thanks to the K2 wedding band

Dance floor was packed thanks to the K2 wedding band

Hi Chris,

First I have to apologize for how long it has taken me to get this to you, it has been a very busy
couple of weeks! In spite of all this, I didn’t want to forget to write you about the superb job K2
did at our wedding. The dance floor was packed from the start of the night all the way to the last
song! Each member of the band is extremely talented. A few of my guests who are musicians
were specially impressed by the drummer. On top of the talent, K2 possesses a level of class
that was very much appreciated. They were able to assess the crowd and decided which songs
would, and more importantly, would not be appropriate to play to keep the party going. Thank
you for making our wedding reception amazing!

Thanks again for everything. Bryce and I are off to another wedding this weekend, and my only
complaint is that they booked a DJ rather than K2. It simply will not be the same!

Fiona and Bryce Blackwall
Eisenhower House, Newport, RI

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