13 Wedding Trends To Look For in 2018

Weddings are a magical time for friends, family, and the bride and groom to be. Nothing is better than a joyous celebration that is customized to your liking and being surrounded by loved ones. The great thing about weddings is that you can make it your own from the decorations to the musical entertainment. Just like with anything in life, weddings have different trends that we see from year to year. As 2018 is here we have compiled a list of 13 wedding trends to look out for in 2018.

  • Living Bars – Freshly cut foliage that sits behind a beautiful wood veneer design is a great way to enhance the bar experience at your reception. It is another way to personalize every part of your wedding to make everything flow together and look beautiful.
  • Plant Aisle Decor – The aisle in a wedding is one of the biggest parts of a wedding ceremony as the bride’s father walks his daughter down the aisle to give her away and start the ceremony. A great way to add a natural element to your wedding is by having potted plants along the aisle. You can decorate the pots in silk fabrics to hide the pot and create a harmonious decoration.
  • Local Culture Embraced Weddings – Destinations are all the rage and in 2018 these types of weddings will be seen more. The only difference with this year is that these destinations will embrace the local culture the wedding is taking place in. Local traditions like a parade, or guitar procession, are great additions to any destination wedding to make the experience extra special.
  • Smal Wedding Parties – With prices of almost anything going up depending on how the markets are going, it’s no surprise that the newest trend to look out for is small wedding parties. Traditionally brides will have huge bridal parties and have a good amount of bridesmaid. As trends shift, 2018 is looking at more smaller parties and having fewer bridesmaids.
  • Emphasis on the After-Party – Weddings are all about celebrations and nothing is better than keeping the party going! The best way to do this is with the after party and it will be a new trend in 2018. Whether you are adding a late-night food, option or going to a new place completely, your special day will last as long as you want with after-party plans. It is also a great way to keep guest involved and spirits high; who doesn’t love to party?
  • Indoors – In 2017 we saw a lot of outdoor weddings as that was the big trend. However, in 2018 all signs point to the indoor setting coming back into style for weddings. Venue spaces such as loft-style spaces, rooftops, or museums are a couple of examples of high-ceiling open spaces that give the same aroma as an outdoor wedding.
  • Moody Floral Decorations – Traditionally when you think of a wedding you imagine light colored florals that present a soft and lush feel. In 2017, the tides will change as designers are forecasting darker color palettes to take over. These colors won’t put a dark mood on the event but showcase detailed and textured floral arrangments. A popular color that will most likely be seen this year is purple, with shades such as lilac, wine, and lavender accents to make wedding decor stand out.
  • Textured Linens – One of the most exciting processes when planning a wedding is making your reception totally personalized. In 2018, this will happen with the help of textured linens. Linens with laser-cut designs will give more texture to the reception and decor that will make reception stand out from the rest!
  • Translucent Touches – In recent years, the slick and clean appearance of modern styled decor has taken over and will continue to do so for weddings in 2018. Clear tents, venues surrounded by floor or ceiling windows, and glass table are see-through details that bring a clean and modern feel to a wedding.
  • Marble Dance Floors – With your wedding reception, it is all about the dancefloor! Guests and family join together to celebrate this special moment in life. A great way to make your wedding stand out from the rest is by having a marble dance floor. This will add texture to your decor and show how much attention to detail is taken place to make this night unforgettable.
  • Dogwood Bouquets – Over the years a bride’s bouquet usually features lush and wild arrangements. With trends leaning towards modern styles in 2018, the bouquet is also going to show a change. This change is most likely going to be a bouquet made of just dogwood blooms.
  • Colored Candles – Nothing says personalization more than a themed color for your wedding decoration. As you fill the room with this hand-picked color, be sure to the color with your candles as well. Colored candles are a great and unexpected accent to add to your design.
  • Creative Place Cards – Place cards are a great way to keep things organized but it doesn’t mean you can’t personalize them. With the “think outside of the box” mentality continuing in 2018, place cards are going to take a creative turn. From being edible to having unexpected mediums such as plants or vases, the options are endless!

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