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Let's coordinate a time to discuss your plans and how lighting can enhance your and your guests' experience.

Event Lighting Includes:

Your price also includes an on-site lighting engineer who stays for the entire length of your event to ensure everything goes as planned. Lighting is a fantastic way to draw attention to details at your wedding or event.

Lighting effects present opportunities to get creative with the atmosphere and wow your guests! The Kahootz team can offer lighting suggestions and work with you to create your dream event.

Lighting Effects We Can Create

  • Pin Spotting - tiny lights used to illuminate centerpieces, tables, and other decorative elements at your event and capture every beautiful detail.
  • Up-lighting - discreetly placed lighting on points of interest around the room, usually around the perimeter or at the base of architectural details. Uplighting can change color throughout your event. If your venue has attractive features, such as crown molding or decorative walls, uplighting can attract attention and light up
    the area from floor to ceiling.
  • Custom Gobo Projections - custom cut-out art projected onto a wall or the floor at an event. An example of custom gobo lighting at a wedding would be the couple’s names forecasted on the wall behind their table. A similar type of illumination is texture lighting, which splashes an entire wall with a pattern or design
  • String Lights - the most familiar form of event lighting. Lights are lights or light bulbs that hang gently across an area.
  • Starry Night Lighting - this show-stopping lighting effect covers the ceiling of a venue with a pattern that looks like the stars or clouds.
  • Moving Heads - this is a fun lighting effect where the light moves around the room. It can be set to move to music and is a great way to enhance the dance floor atmosphere.
Scene of Lights and Tables

Events Kahootz Can Help With

Corporate Events ~ Weddings ~ Social Gatherings ~ Reunions ~ Social Dances ~ Grand Openings

Event Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

Are you willing to meet with us before our event/wedding.

Yes. We do detail meetings 10 days before a client’s affair. Most clients prefer to meet in person and I make every effort to accommodate that. Sometimes due to time, distance or people being to darn busy we do it over the phone. Whatever is best for you.

Can we send you a specific list of songs we want you to play?

Let me start by saying the more information we have the better performance we will do for you and your guests. Hopefully we’ll have time to meet before the wedding. Detail meetings happen 10 days before the affair and my preference is we do it in person.

At the end of the meeting I’ll ask you to give me five songs, artists or genres that you are horrified at being a part of your celebration. After that I ask that you tell us five songs artists or genres that you’re looking forward to being a part of the evening. At that point we ask that you trust that we’ll read the crowd and create a great event

How much space do you need?

What is ideal is a width of 22 feet with a depth of 12 feet. We rarely get ideal unless we’re at one of the hotels. We’ll do everything we can to work with the space you have.

Do you carry liability Insurance? The place we’re having our wedding says all our vendors need to carry it.

Absolutely. Over a million dollars worth.

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