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Ceremony Music Options

At Kahootz Entertainment we pride ourselves in offering our clients elegant, beautiful wedding music. From solo instruments to string quartets and even the occasional iPad ceremony, we procure the best performers - and aux cords - in and around New England for our clients. Here is a list of some popular options we regularly provide:

  • Solo piano, guitar, or violin
  • Duos consisting of guitar and flute, keyboard and violin, cello and violin, or keyboard and guitar
  • Trios comprised of stringed instruments, two strings players and trumpet, or cello, flute, and keyboard
  • String quartets, brass quartets, and quintets

Please know you're not limited to these; we regularly build ensembles for clients with unique visions. Also, our small groups are not limited to weddings; they can provide beautiful music for any other social event you may be planning, so don't hesitate to get creative.


What to Expect For Your Wedding Ceremony Music

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Wedding Ceremony Music Frequently Asked Questions

How many players do we need?

Couples often ask how many players are needed to wow their guests; I like to think of it this way: if you're having 160 guests or less, a solo instrument for the ceremony and cocktail hour would be lovely. Once you go above 160, I suggest adding players or considering an ensemble; but this isn't to say you can't have a string quartet if you're hosting seventy-five guests. The players we provide are trained professionals who won't overpower your festivities.

We're getting married outside, will our guests be able to hear our vows?

Beyond live music, we also offer satellite sound systems for ceremonies. To explain, this is a system that would amplify your officiant, each of your vows, and any readers or speakers you may have for your guests. Therefore, while not for everyone, this system is recommended for ceremonies held outdoors.

Do the musicians bring their own sound system?

Our musicians play comfortably without amplification; however, we strongly suggest considering a satellite sound system with guest counts over seventy-five.

Can I walk down the aisle to...

If you're interested in us providing ceremony music, we allow you to select a song for when: you walk down the aisle, your wedding party walks down the aisle, your partner's wedding party walks down the aisle, as well as a recessional song for you and your fiancé. Further, we also ask for you to give us a general idea of the style of music - jazz, classical, pop-oriented - you'd like to hear leading up to the prelude.

What happens if one of your musicians is sick/can't make it?

Having been in the wedding business for over twenty years, we have a vast network of conservatory and professionally trained substitutes in case of emergency.

What is your cancellation policy, especially with Covid?

If you have to reschedule your event, we will roll over your deposit to a mutually agreed-upon date free of charge.

Are you willing to meet with us before our event/wedding.

Yes. We do detail meetings 10 days before a client’s affair. Most clients prefer to meet in person and I make every effort to accommodate that. Sometimes due to time, distance or people being to darn busy we do it over the phone. Whatever is best for you.

Do you carry liability Insurance? The place we’re having our wedding says all our vendors need to carry it.

Absolutely. Over a million dollars worth.

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