DJ + 3 DJ and Three Live Musicians Combo

What to Expect From DJ+3

Taking inspiration from some of the hottest entertainment groups in Miami and New York City, DJ+3 is a mashup of exhilarating live musicians and one of Boston's hottest DJs to create an experience like no other. We add a Latin percussionist, a saxophonist, and an electric violinist to the sounds of a fantastic DJ to give parties a sizzling hot performance. Not only is DJ+3 available for all kinds of events, but they also offer a sound and look guests won't get out of their minds.


No Cheese, Please!

DON'T Turn Out the Lights!

Event DJ Package:

4 Hour Event:

  • Two Speakers
  • DJ Laptop and Mixer
  • Backlighting
  • 2 Microphones:
    • Wired
    • Wireless
  • An In-Person or Zoom Detail Meeting Fourteen Days Prior to the Event

Additional Services Offered:

  • Decor Lighting
  • Overtime
  • Magic Mirror Photo Booth

DJ+3 Frequently Asked Questions

Are you willing to meet with us before our event/wedding.

Yes. We do detail meetings 10 days before a client’s affair. Most clients prefer to meet in person and I make every effort to accommodate that. Sometimes due to time, distance or people being to darn busy we do it over the phone. Whatever is best for you.

Can you play...

Our DJs and musicians can play almost any song - only if it's rare would they ask you to provide it. Please understand, however, that our talent doesn't work from a client-generated song list. During your detail meeting, you will have the opportunity to let your DJ/musicians know songs/artists you have to hear, songs/artists you hate, and the overall genre(s) you'd like played throughout the reception.

Can we use DJ+3 for our wedding?

Absolutely. DJ+3 is perfect for any event. We have some great ideas, but we'd love to hear your vision and offer you a realistic quote to make your dreams come to fruition.

Do you carry liability Insurance? The place we’re having our wedding says all our vendors need to carry it.

Absolutely. Over a million dollars worth.

Do you provide MC services?

Our DJs are comfortable MCing and making announcements as needed; stylistically, they keep their time on the microphone minimal yet effective. Our DJs don't need to jump up and down or yell at the crowd on the dance floor to create the party feel; instead, they rely on your guests' reaction to their song selection to create an incredible night your guests won't forget.

Can we use some of the musicians from DJ+3 for our ceremony or cocktail hour?

Yes, but it's always a good idea for us to talk through this to ensure that we're able to replicate exactly what you have in mind.

I've already booked a band for my reception, but what about my after party?

Not only does DJ+3 have a reputation for getting the party started, they know how to keep it going; they will happily provide an additional hour of entertainment for your guests who don't want the night to end following your reception. Please reach out so we can learn about your needs and give you a custom quote.

How much space does DJ+3 need?

A ten-foot by ten-foot or an eight-foot by twelve-foot space works well.

What happens if one of your DJs and/or musicians is sick/can't make it?

Having been in the wedding business for over twenty years, we have a vast network of phenomenally talented substitutes in case of emergency.

What is your cancellation policy, especially with Covid?

If you have to reschedule your event, we will roll over your deposit to a mutually agreed-upon date free of charge.

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