Small Ensembles For Ceremonies, Cocktails, and More

What Are Ensembles

We take great pride in offering and often curating unique and diverse ensembles for our clients. Featuring New England's most accomplished musicians and performers, our small units promise to set the perfect tone at your event - whether it's a corporate gala with a Gatsby theme, the grand opening of an Italian restaurant, or an intimate wedding ceremony.

Popular Instruments Options

  • Keyboard/Piano
  • Violin
  • Cello
  • Harp
  • Guitar
  • Bass

Why Ensembles?

We want your affair to be the best it can be. We take the time to meet with clients in person to go through all the details to make sure we get it right.

We bring the best gear. Static, feedback, and sonic dirt are the main reasons an ensemble seems too loud. We’ve invested in premiere equipment to ensure we never have an issue regarding volume. We can work any size space for any size party.

Well, we’re just fun. We love what we do - and it shows.

We strive for an authentic sound. We’re not going to change your favorite song’s sound. Therefore not only are your guests going to dance to songs they recognize, but they’re also going to be exceptionally excited to hear those songs replicated by a stellar ensemble.

No one plays a broader range of music than us. And we learn up to two songs for every affair we perform.

There is no substitute for experience. We’ve created amazing parties at over fifteen hundred private affairs.

We’re pros. We know the proper etiquette to handle ourselves at the finest hotels and venues. We work with the people at your venue to make your affair seamless.

We’re insured. We carry over a million dollars in liability insurance.

We are consistent. Each ensemble is a rehearsed unit that sounds consistently excellent at every performance.

We understand this is about you, not about us. We don’t work with canned, generic playlists from the night before. Instead, we take a fresh approach to every affair we play based on your tastes and sensibilities.

We’re in the business of creating raving fans. Please look at  independent websites like Wedding Wire and The Knot for reviews of the outstanding work we’ve done for others. We would love to create that same kind of party for you!


Ensembles Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right size small ensemble for the amount of guests we’re hosting?

We feel one performer (depending on the instrument) can be enough for 150 people or less. Once you have 180 you should consider two or more performers. And above 200 three performers is the right amount. All this said, this is not to mean you can’t have more performers if that’s your vision. If you’re happen to hosting an event for seventy-five guests and you’d something like a string quartet our performers are trained professionals and it will come off perfectly.

Can any of the small ensembles perform with open air without coverage?

New England is unique in that weather can change very quickly.  For any of our ensembles the day’s forecast is important to take into consideration.  String instruments are delicate and sometimes need to be covered.  Other instruments this is less of an issue for.

How does the song selection process work for a ceremony?

Often couples choose up to four songs for their ceremony.  A song for the groomsmen to walk into (if you’re choosing this to happen).  A song for the wedding party (bridesmaids) to come into.  A song for the bride and her father or parents to walk into.  And a song for the recession - for after the two of you have been pronounced man and wife.  

How does the song selections process work for other events ? Like a cocktail reception.

We offer many kinds of ensembles for many kinds of events.  Often a certain kind of music makes more sense on a particular instrument or sets of instruments.  Almost always a direction is set by the client.  As well a few requests they know their guests will appreciate.

How early will the soloist or ensemble arrive before the performance start?

They will usually arrive one hour before the scheduled performance time.

How will the soloists or ensembles be dressed?
Formally if it’s a formal affair like a wedding.  More relaxed but sharp if our clients prefers a more relaxed look. 
Will the performers learn music for us?

Yes.  Usually up to two pieces but please be sure to ask us.  In certain cases we may be able to do more.

Do you carry liability insurance?


Can we borrow a mic for our ceremony?

At your ceremony all your guests will want to be able to hear your vows, the officiant’s words and your reader's prose.  We offer a special system that does help to make sure everything can be heard.  A satellite sound system for ceremony will include a microphone for your officiant, a microphone that will sit low on the groom’s or partner’s lapel or dress so it’s inconspicuous and a third microphone for any readers you may have.  If your guest count is over seventy-five we strongly suggest this.  The system is a rental.  We pick it up, set it up, test it, break it down and return it to the rental house. 

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