Frequently Asked Questions

Is it inappropriate or disrespectful to you guys if we ask that our first dance be played by CD?

Not at all. Often clients who have been taking dance lessons (groom’s take note: I’m NOT advocating this – ha ha ) choose to do their routine to CD because they’ve been practicing to it.

We have a smaller sized wedding and our location is intimate. Will you cut the band down is size?

We regularly do smaller sized affairs – we even did a surprise birthday party in Vermont for 19 people once! But we don’t cut the size down. We want your event to be incredible and we need our whole team to make that happen. One thing to know is because we use a state of the art sound system with in ear monitors for the singers we take up less room than most bands our size. The real downfall of cutting the band down in size is that you also cut down on the breath of material we do.

We’re hosting our event/wedding in a tent. Do you have any special needs?

Tented affairs come with a unique set of issues. When done right no matter what the weather – they’re amazing. But being we’re surrounded by electricity it’s very important to get it right – for our safety as well as for your guests. Please email me so I can send you specific information about what our tent needs are.

Will you learn any music for us?

Happy to. We’ll learn up to two songs not on the current song lists.

Can we borrow a microphone for our ceremony?

At your ceremony all your guests will want to be able to hear your vows, the officiant’s words and your reader's prose.  We offer a special system that does help to make sure everything can be heard.  A satellite sound system for ceremony will include a microphone for your officiant, a microphone that will sit low on the groom’s or partner’s lapel or dress so it’s inconspicuous and a third microphone for any readers you may have.  If your guest count is over seventy-five we strongly suggest this.  The system is a rental.  We pick it up, set it up, test it, break it down and return it to the rental house. 

Are you willing to meet with us before our event/wedding.

Yes. We do detail meetings 10 days before a client’s affair. Most clients prefer to meet in person and I make every effort to accommodate that. Sometimes due to time, distance or people being to darn busy we do it over the phone. Whatever is best for you.

Can we send you a specific list of songs we want you to play?

Let me start by saying the more information we have the better performance we will do for you and your guests. Hopefully we’ll have time to meet before the wedding. Detail meetings happen 10 days before the affair and my preference is we do it in person.

At the end of the meeting I’ll ask you to give me five songs, artists or genres that you are horrified at being a part of your celebration. After that I ask that you tell us five songs artists or genres that you’re looking forward to being a part of the evening. At that point we ask that you trust that we’ll read the crowd and create a great event

How much space do you need?

What is ideal is a width of 22 feet with a depth of 12 feet. We rarely get ideal unless we’re at one of the hotels. We’ll do everything we can to work with the space you have.

Do you carry liability Insurance? The place we’re having our wedding says all our vendors need to carry it.

Absolutely. Over a million dollars worth.

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