4 Fresh Wedding Trends for 2019

If there’s one thing we love about weddings, it’s how dynamic they can be. Every year, there are some new trends making waves and sweeping up the wedding hemisphere. The trends range from innovative and lovely to weird and downright crazy, but it’s all part of the fun and celebration. The year is 2019, and its wedding trend galore. We picked out 4 of the freshest ones from the lot, and you’ll agree our choices were excellent.

  • Statement Sleeves

Yep, puffy sleeves are taking center stage again. The bridal fashion world is now all about voluminous sleeves that compel you to pause and admire what you see. We’re talking sleeves that are loose enough your movement won’t be restricted, flowy enough to accentuate your elegance and sheer enough to make heads turn (wink-wink). This, of course, means you’ll be wearing patterned lace cutouts and fabrics. Retro bell sleeves come to mind here, and so does silk bridal kaftan.

  • Veil Alternatives

The wedding veil means different things to different, but there’s no law that says you must stick to this age-old tradition. Brides in 2019 are foregoing veils entirely and trying out bold alternatives that make a statement. Brides are supplanting veils with bridal hats, feathered headpieces and more. Modern alternatives are the in-thing now.

  • The ‘90s

A blast from the past! The ‘90s are waltzing their way into 2019 as trends of old are now becoming trends of now. Home décor and fashion have witnessed this resurgence more than any other realm, and now weddings are targets too.

Go to any modern wedding (the irony) and it’s more than likely you’ll come across people wearing rhinestone accessories, slip dresses, the infamous fanny packs and the customary butterfly-riddled bridal headpiece.

  • Sustainable Celebrations

It’s no secret that couples are now opting for sustainable solutions that yet remain stylish for their wedding. If you didn’t know, reusable straws and biodegradable floral confetti are a thing now; they are green and earth-friendly too.

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