4 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Entertainer before the Big Day

We’re not saying this just because we are entertainers – but hiring the right wedding entertainer is truly important for the success of your wedding day.

You can have the fanciest, most glamorous, and most beautifully designed wedding – but if you’re missing out on entertainment, you might be missing out on your Big Day’s potential to make people feel genuinely great.

What are some of the questions you should ask your wedding entertainment providers before making your selection?

We have some tips for you – keep reading and find out more.

  • Availability. This question may go without saying, but you’d be surprised at how commonly people forget to ask about it. Before you proceed to ask your entertainer about anything else, ask about their availability. In general, the best entertainers have to be booked many months ahead of the wedding date – so be sure to put this at the top of your priority list if you have your heart set on someone.
  • Time. This is actually a two-pronged question. First of all, ask your entertainer how many hours are included in the package (you need to know this so that you coordinate the entertainment with the duration of the reception). Secondly, ask your entertainer how much time and space they need to set up (you also need to know this to make sure everything is in place by the time the wedding starts).
  • Flexibility. What are the songs they can play? What genres do they cover? Can they learn a song for your first dance (or any other special moment)? These questions are quite important because they will allow you to learn more about the way your entertainer works and the kind of music you can expect from them.
  • Requests. Will your wedding band be able to take requests? This can be a great idea for those of you who want to make sure guests will be dancing – precisely because people are more inclined to dance when their song is playing. Furthermore, be sure to ask your wedding band if they can work with a DO and DO NOT play list of songs – this will help you make sure your favorite songs are included, while your most disliked ones are excluded from the wedding playlist.

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