4 Steps for the Perfect First Dance

Few wedding moments are as charged with emotion and nervousness than the First Dance. Especially if you, or your partner, are not used to having so many pairs of eyes looking at you.

Thankfully though, your stage fright is short-lived, and the moment will take over. One of the best ways to combat this initial anxiety is to know what to expect for your First Dance.

  • Timing: In most weddings, the first dance occurs right after the bride and groom are introduced. However, some couples choose to play around with this and schedule it at other times. It’s your choice. Coordinate with either your planner or music provider so everyone knows when this moment will happen.
  • Music: Clearly, you want this moment to be ultra-special. And, as such, you want to make sure that the song you choose has special meaning to you as a couple. You are under no obligation to choose a song that is popular or traditional. Pick a song that truly mirrors you and who you are, a song that tells your love story in the most beautiful way there is.
  • The dance: You don’t have to be professional dancers to dance on your wedding day. You can keep it simple and stick to the basic dance steps and then just add a swirl or two. Or, you can take dance lessons, so you have some confidence if you unsure what to do. With dance lessons you will learn a bit more sophisticated choreography. No matter what you choose, simple of fancy choreography, be comfortable with your dance choice. Don’t feel like you have to impress anyone.
  • Practice: Do make sure you practice dancing with your chosen song. This will make sure you aren’t stepping on each other’s toes and are anticipating the next moves. Practice will also give you confidence in being in front of so many people. You will be concentrating on your partner and not counting your steps.

The only thing that truly matters is that you have that one-on-one time with your partner before you must go out there and be a hosts.

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