5 Tips On How To Book A Wedding Band

Once the engagement has been accepted, the wedding planning process starts immediately. Just like with any planned event, getting everything situated from the food to the entertainment should be done well in advance. Finding and booking a wedding band for your special day can be challenging and stressful There are many factors to consider as well as a multitude of options out there to choose from. Below are some tips on how to book the wedding band of your dreams to perform at your wedding reception!

5 Tips To Consider When Looking For A Live Wedding Band

Price Tag

The best wedding bands are usually ones that exclusively play weddings and have dedicated their craft to such a performance. These will be seasoned veteran musicians that will help your wedding go off without a hitch as well as keep the energy positive and uplifting. Just as the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”, exclusive wedding bands will cost on average between $5,000 – $10,000. If your budget cannot afford this type of entertainment you are not out of luck.

If you live in or near a major city then your options for live entertainment are plentiful and you are bound to find a band well within your budget. Cover bands that play throughout the city will offer up their services to provide entertainment for this premium event. This is a great option if your budget does not allow for a band that exclusively plays at weddings.

No matter what type of band you decide to go with, you will want to see them live. Do some research and see if the bands are playing locally in the city, if a cover band, or if they are putting on any showcases if they are exclusive. Watching them live will give you the chance to visualize them at your event, see how they perform and get a general feel for how they will fit. Introduce yourself to the performance and get more information to follow up with them on pricing and availability as well as special requests.


Most professional bands book up about a year in advance so you will need to book the band of your dreams well in advance. If you hesitate with this step then you will more than likely miss out and have to look elsewhere. If you know the band you want and see them live, ask them after there performance how much a deposit will be to book them. Some basic performance contracts will suffice for these situations.


No matter what event you are booking live entertainment for, you will need a performance contract. These serve to protect both the buyer and the band as well as the deposit. Contracts help consolidate all of the details of the performance in one place so that both parties are on the same page. During these contract negotiations, you should iron out details to make sure that any special requests have been jotted down and that everything is agreed upon. As the contract is being drawn up details such as date, time, place, load in times, points of contact, and length of performance are all mentioned.


Just like with anything, planning is key especially when talking about wedding planning. Everything should go according to plan, especially the entertainment schedule as this sets the mood for the night. The average amount of playing time for wedding bands is two to three hours with the option of getting cut short or asked to play longer. make sure the band in question is well aware of your expectations as well as when they should or should not play throughout the night. Here are a few things to consider when you are having a band perform at your wedding.

  • Place, date & time of performance.
  • Where will the band set up?
  • How much power does the band require? How many outlets?
  • Will the band be joining you for dinner?
  • What time can the band load in and set up?
  • Will the band be the MC?
  • When is the start time, length of sets and length of breaks?
  • Will there be any requests for the band to learn?
  • What will the setlist be?

Have Fun

You paid good money and spent hours in preparation and planning, it is time to enjoy yourself! Request songs you know they will play and that you like and dance the night away. You are going to be surrounded by friends and family in a room filled with energy and good vibes, enjoy your day!

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