5/29/10 Cranwell Resort Wedding

Clients from New York always have their own take on how they want their party.  I love this because no matter how personal they make the approach the parties are always amazing!  Such was the case when we went to the Berkshire’s for an amazing reception for the new Mr and Mrs Sara and Howard Klein.  Randy performed for their ceremony on the back steps of the manor house overlooking the lawns.  He then stayed out there on the patio for the cocktail hour because the weather was so beautiful that day.  Then everyone moved into the ballroom for the reception.  Sara had an idea that they wanted to be greeted on the dance floor by all their guests first thing.  So once we knew the Bride and Groom were ready to be introduced I announced that “at this time the bride and groom would like to invite everyone to the dance floor”.  We played Stevie Wonder’s “Sign, Sealed Delivered for their entrance and kept that up along with some other great upbeat dancing that everyone could enjoy for about 10 minutes.  We then asked everyone to the edge of the dance floor so the newlyweds could have their first dance.  At the end of that we went into the Hora.  What a way to start a party?!!!  It was an amazing time from start to finish

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