80s Tunes That Will Bring Everyone to the Dance Floor at Your Wedding

Let’s face it: trap music may be all fun and games, and many songs in the Top 40 right now are catchy and entertaining for sure.


But when it comes to musical decades, nothing can beat the 80s. Regardless of whether or not you were born back then, you most likely know quite a few songs from that decade.  And many of them have aged quite well, with people of all ages singing along with them whenever they are played.

Chances are your wedding guests will know some of these songs too (including guests who might be a lot younger or older than you, actually). And this is precisely why you might want to consider including at least a few 80s songs on your wedding reception playlist.

What are some of the most wedding songs from the 80s? Here are some suggestions:

  • Billy Idol, White Wedding. It is quite obvious why this song landed here. Romantic and really popular, this song is perfect for a wedding. From the very name of the song to the message, the lyrics, the rhythm of this music, everything about this song is all about successful weddings.
  • Queen, Another One Bites the Dust. This could be the best funny song for your bouquet toss, or even for your bridesmaids’ dance. If you love Queen and if you want to bring their energy into your wedding, your Big Day will be picture perfect.
  • The Buggles, Video Killed the Radio Star. This is the ultimate fun song. The kind of sing that can recharge your batteries in an instant and help you feel energized and fresh. That is exactly how you bring everyone to the dance floor, really.
  • Hall & Oates, You Make My Dreams. There is something irresistible about this tune. Catchy and fun, but romantic and sweet at the same time, this song is just the perfect choice for those moments of the day when you want to put a large smile on everyone’s faces. You just have to include this – if not for the First Dance, then at least for the last one!


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