Annual Events in Boston, MA

The lively city of Boston is known for its deeply entrenched history in the U.S. There are many historical events to celebrate that happened mostly between the time Paul Revere announced the British invasion all the way to the to the commemorated Boston Tea Party.

Since the 1700s, Boston has been growing traditions of their own, so whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or just a weekend out of your condo or apartment, there’s likely an annual festival or a celebration going on in this marvelous northern city.

The Boston Marathon

people starting to run marathonReady, Set Run! When you hear this, it’s time to get off the comfort zone and get training! The Boston Marathon is another great event held and managed by Boston, Massachusetts, dubbed the oldest marathon ever held in the U.S. It is alleged to have been started in 1897, and has grown into a tradition held every in Boston, MA. The event brings together millions of runners from different nations making it the world’s top-ranking and best-known racing event. As a matter of facts, it is considered one of the World’s top five Marathons.

The marathon spans the entire length of this historic city of Boston and is open for participation by only qualified runners. To qualify, you need to have raced and completed another marathon within the time allotted which is usually at least 18 months before the race. Regardless of whether you’re watching from your condo or apartment or on the street, or better yet participating in the race, the marathon is not to be missed for any reason.

The Luck of the Irish

Many will argue that there is no better city than Boston, MA to celebrate March 17, or St. Patrick’s Day. Known for having a large Irish population, Boston has over 8 St. Patrick’s Day parades spread out around the city, but the most famous one is held in South Boston. The parade ranks as the second largest parade in the U.S. and has been in existence since 1901. Currently, this historic parade is viewed and followed by over 600,000 people year after year and is also broadcasted on television. The parade is a guaranteed fun event for all, so grab your green and just follow the sound of bagpipes out of your condo or apartment!

Founder’s Day

Founder’s Day is a beautiful celebration that sees the events leading up to the Revolutionary War re-enactment as a way of commemorating and celebrating both the City’s Historic past. The festivities take place on the second weekend of November and are a great and fun way to learn the rich history of Boston, MA.

Other events that are highly observed and celebrated in Boston include the Esplanade Art Festival, Caroling in the Common, and Bean Town Days among others.

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