Be Sure Not to Make These Wedding Music Mistakes

Planning your wedding will most likely be one of the most unique things you will ever do in your life. From choosing thright wedding dress to making sure all the décor details tie into your wedding theme and your overall style, you will want to pay a lot of attention to the details to make sure everything is picture perfect.  

What are some of the mistakes you should avoid when planning your wedding music? Here are some tips for you:  

  • Playing just one genre of music. Even if you have a theme that can be connected to a specific musical genre (e.g. country music for a country wedding), and even if you are huge fans of a particular genre, it is of the utmost importance to make sure you don’t focus on that alone. You should mix multiple genres and even multiple musical decades to make sure your wedding music is as entertaining as it can be for a wide range of guests, regardless of their musical taste.  
  • Including songs with inappropriate lyrics. One of the most famous examples here is none other than Macarena. Played at weddings for its fun vibes and for its ability to bring people together in line dances, Macarena is the kind of song you will really want to avoid once you check out its English translation. Believe it or not, this ultra-played wedding song talks about…cheating on your loved one!  
  • Not creating a DO and DO NOT play list. This is between you and your wedding band, but it is a step that must be made if you want to make sure all the music at your wedding will be to your liking. If you have songs you absolutely want to include, or, on the contrary, if you have songs you loathe, be sure to let your band know about them! 
  • Playing music that is either too loud or too quietYou want your guests to be infused by the positive energies of your wedding music. At the same time, though, you want them to still be able to chit chat at the tables. Therefore, it is quite important that you find just the right volume for your wedding music – not too loud, not too low either.  Be sure to coordinate on this with your music provider ahead of times so that they know what volume you’re expecting.  

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