Choosing Your Wedding Ceremony Music

When most people think of wedding music, they think of the band that will play at the reception. But your ceremony music is not to be overlooked. It can be used to symbolize the relationship you and your partner have and convey the feelings you have for each other. It can also be used to set the tone for the various portions of the ceremony, such as the processional and recessional.

Kahootz Entertainment offers ceremony music services when you book one of our live bands for your wedding reception. Our musicians are experts in several musical genres including classical, contemporary, and liturgical music. While most of our clients hire a solo keyboardist to start with, we can add on musicians that perform violin, flute, and piano as well as a vocalist to really set the mood for your special day. Some of the parts of your ceremony that you may want to consider music for include the following:

  • Prelude – this is the period before the actual ceremony where guests arrive, sit, and have conversation while waiting for the wedding ceremony to begin. The music played during this waiting period is usually light and helps set the mood while people gather. It typically begins as soon as the doors open or at least 20 minutes before the start of the ceremony.
  • Processional – this music accompanies the members of the wedding party as they make their way down the aisle. Sometimes the songs will change to help build anticipation before the bride enters.
  • Interludes – music played to highlight significant portions of a ceremony such as a candle lighting or ketubah signing. Whether to use interludes depends upon your type of ceremony; they are usually more appropriate for religious wedding ceremonies.
  • Recessional – the music played when the ceremony concludes and the couple exits the church. Recessional music is often joyous and lively to reflect the happy occasion.
  • Postludes – this is additional music played after a ceremony, such as someone playing a violin or the bagpipes as guests exit.

Tips to Consider When Choosing Ceremony Music


man holding a musical instrument

When choosing ceremony music, you need to consider the instrument combos. Some instruments can easily drown out others or make one awkwardly stand out. The Kahootz team can offer guidance on the appropriate instrument combos that will work well for your ceremony, but some of the more balanced combos to consider include a string duo, string trio, flute trio, or string quartet.

If you plan on hiring a vocalist, it’s best for them to take the microphone after all your guests are seated. Your vocalist should also feel comfortable with your choice of songs.

You’ll also need to check with the venue for your ceremony on their rules and regulations for music. Some ceremony sites have specific guidelines about music volume and which types of music can and cannot be played.

The Kahootz team can help you sort all of the details and choose the appropriate music for each portion of your ceremony to make your special day all the more memorable. Fill out our form at for your free quote or call us at 857-263-3431 to learn more about our services.