History of Boston, MA

Boston, MA is the heart and center of administration in Massachusetts and the disbanded Suffolk County. Being Massachusetts’ largest municipality, Boston has a whopping population of over 650,000 inhabitants. The city has grown and evolved dramatically since its formation in 1630 and now boasts a rich history, which attracts around 16 million visitors a year.

old lighthouse pictureBoston is a melting pot of the historic and the modern place, with a distinctive culture and music scene. It remains America’s oldest city. Despite its small area, Boston ranks 4th in most populated independent municipalities in the nation. It was founded towards the mid-1600s on the glittering Shawmut Peninsula by England’s Puritan settlers.

Initially, the area was referred to as Trimountaine; a name given by the settlers due to the three mountains that were located within its vicinity. Afterward, the name was switched to Boston. The Shawmut is thought to have been occupied during 5000 BC.

Boston had its fair share of events and conflicts during the Revolutionary War which includes the infamous Boston Massacre, the awakening Boston Tea Party and many others.

After the war, Boston continued on its path to economic stability and educational prominence. The city has grown beyond its original boundaries through municipal annexation and in some case, land reclamation.

A part of Boston, MA history lies in the invention of the Telephone. It was in a Boston machine shop that a certain A. Graham Bell made a telephone call to his assistant Thomas A. Watson. This world-famous telephone call took place over One Hundred and Thirty-Five years ago, and the famous words “Watson come here, I want you” were spoken and history was made.

Boston, MA has so much to offer but is often forgotten thanks to its more exciting neighbor, New York. Things to do while in Boston include, but are not limited to, walking, sightseeing, outdoor sports like boating, swimming, or cycling, indoor sports, going to a concert or a sporting event, visiting a famous university campus or finding the best things to do and see in the city’s neighborhoods. Cambridge, the nearby town, is most of the time included in Boston in terms of tourism. One of the reasons for including Cambridge in Boston is the fact that two of the world’s most famous universities, MIT and Harvard, are located there, and if you ever make it to Boston, you have to visit the campus of one of the two.

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