Rachael Barolsky had a plan.  And Joshua Sack, her fiance,  was all about it.  And a great plan it was.  She wanted the evening to start with a ton of excitement: Doors opening to up beat fun music, She and Joshua introduced onto the dance floor where they would do their first dance – half way through we’d invite everyone to join – then we’d jump right into a hora and follow that up with some lively dancing.  After we got everyone into their seats she wanted us to invite her brother and his wife to perform Hamotzee and after that first course would be served!  Once dinner service started she wanted the music to be classic and romantic – ala Harry Connick / Frank Sinatra.  Welcome speeches and formalities would be done between courses so they could move quickly into dancing after dinner.  I have to say it was one of the best time lines we’ve done in a while.  And it worked perfectly.  The pictures tell the after dinner story.  Congratulations Mr and Mrs Joshua and Rachael Sack!

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