How to Choose the Perfect First Dance Song

Your first dance is one of the single most beautiful moments of the entire Big Day – so, you definitely want everything about it to be flawless. The lighting, the special effects, and, of course, the music must come together to create the kind of unforgettable moment you will cherish for the months, years, and decades to come.  

Obviously, picking a beautiful first dance song is extremely important for the success of the entire moment – maybe more important than lighting, or your choreography. But how do you choose it? How do you select that one song you will always associate with this amazing day of your life?  

We have some tips for you – keep reading and find out more.  

  • Both of you must like it. This song is not about the bride or the groom – it’s about both of you, together, as a couple. As hard as it might be to find that one song that speaks millions to both of you, this is something you should really take the time to research. Talk to your fiancé and make a list of songs you both love that would be appropriate for the moment.  
  • Speaking of appropriateness… We highly recommend you listen very carefully to the lyrics. Sometimes, songs might seem great fit for a romantic moment, but if they talk about painful moments, such as a breakup, for example, then you should continue your search.  Famous examples here include Adele’s Hello and Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You. 
  • Make sure you can dance to it. No matter how sentimental and beautiful a song may be, it won’t do you or your special moment justice if it’s not easy to dance to. This is even more important if you are don’t think you want to create complex choreography – the music should make it easy for you to simply dance, without worrying too much about stepping the wrong way.  
  • Yes, special effects can add a lot. But they are not mandatory in any way. You can have very simple choreography and still create the kind of moment that will bring everyone to tears. Likewise, if you’re not huge fans of traditional love songs, feel free to pick any other genre you like – as long as it fits into the aforementioned criteria.  


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