How To Pick The Right Entertainer For Your Wedding Reception

It is no surprise that one of the most important pieces of your wedding is the reception after the ceremony. This is where you get to enjoy the first night of the rest of your life! Picking the right band is essential to make sure your guests are on the dance floor all night long.  You want everyone to have a great time and the vibes to be good throughout the night, and to do this you need to hire entertainment that does just that, entertain. Use the tips below when sorting through your options for entertainment for your wedding.

Vet The Talent

Whether you are looking for a small, medium or large band for your wedding, it is always a good idea to listen to previous performances or a demos online before you set up meetings. Professional entertainment will always have sample songs ready for interested parties to listen to so you have a feel of their sound. Aside from doing self research, as your wedding reception venue if they have any recommendations, going to a band’s showcase or looking for any YouTube videos of the band. When it is time to set up the interview/meeting keep in mind these questions:

  • Do you do this full-time? – Nothing is worse than leaving a bunch of voice mails on a Friday before your wedding because the band leader was preoccupied by their “real job.” Make sure to get someone you feel comfortable with and feel can be a reliable source.
  • Have you ever played our venue before? – A veteran band will make the day and preparation for your reception go more smoothly as they know how the site setup procedures go. This is also a good time to let your interested band know of the venue so they can do research prior to the reception.
  • Do you have references? – Every professional band should have references from past clients who can tell you how the night really went down. These references can tell you if the band had everyone dancing the night away or had hit or miss moments.
  • Can you learn new songs? – Most bands have a song list in which the bride and groom can choose from. However, a true professional band should be able to pick up a few special requests weeks in advance. It is your night after all so why shouldn’t you have songs being played that you love.

Get It All In Writing

After weeding through the different bands you had in mind and picking the right one, get a contract written up. Within this contract you can negotiate your terms as well as comparing the terms with the venue’s contract so everything runs as smoothly as possible. The terms in the contract should include:

  • Start and end times while including load times.
  • A “key man” stipulation, which makes it so one member who you particularly want at the performance can’t be swapped out with.
  • A rough draft of what to play and what not to play.
  • Cancellation and refund policy.
  • The total fee and overtime rate along with any additional charges.
  • Food and drink policy.
  • Travel expenses.

Read The Fine Print

To avoid any surprises in the contract, make sure to read over the fine print and make sure that anything additional is covered in your contract. Some extra charged items could include:

  • Wireless microphones for toasts.
  • Emcee services.
  • Additional speakers or musical equipment that may be needed.
  • Taxes and gratuities.

For more information on planning the perfect wedding or if you are interested in our wedding entertainment services please contact us today!

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