Kahootz – Boston’s best wedding band sets the bar high

Musicianship is a key part of any truly successful band – and among the iconic musicians of recent generations– showmanship, great lyrics and vocal skills could not withstand the test of time without the backing of a really solid band. The 70-something Sir Paul McCartney just wrapped up a concert at Fenway Park this week in our great city of Boston and the newspaper The Boston Globe stated that not enough can be said about McCartney’s band, who provide their leader with everything from a celestial choir to white-hot guitar solos to crisp and hard-hitting time-keeping to ably serving as cheerful onstage foils. McCartney’s band — for whom he has clear affection — plays a major role in keeping him on his toes.

We love and admire Sir Paul and feel that Kahootz strives for that same goal of keeping our sound fresh and crisp and we stay musically on our toes while also catering to the style of the occasion. A wedding band – like a great concert performance – needs the skill and contribution of every member to make that memorable sound. As we are now one of the best wedding bands in Boston – we can say we got there by becoming not just a great wedding band –  but by being dedicated musicians playing well together and for our audience.

The members of Kahootz, are nationally recognized for their musicianship and many members hail from Berklee College of Music. Berklee alumni include saxophonist Chris Cole, Randy Manhart on keyboard,  drummer Justin Wilson and Tim Smith – a fifth semester student at  Berklee who has played with many jazz greats. Trombone player  Hikaru Sato & David Prout on electric guitar and Kyle Miles on electric bass round out the band members while keeping vocalist Marissa Beatini on her toes as she performs with singer Leon Spradley –most recently invited as a guest singer to open for Earth, Wind & Fire’s Boston performance. We are fortunate that as a Massachusetts wedding band we possess all the qualities that make a good band; great and with our recent selection as one of the best wedding bands in Massachusetts-  there is no doubt they we make a good wedding, great, too.

Kahootz has a rare combination of expertise, vocal skills and showmanship that meld perfectly with any stylish event or celebration. A combination of rocking riffs, soulful sounds, a stylish beat and engaging musicians brings even the most reserved wedding guests out onto the dance floor. Our band puts a stylish twist into our performance while hitting every note with our unique and classic sound.

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