Get Glowing With Kahootz’s Event Lighting Services

You’ve chosen a band, found the perfect cake, and booked the right venue for your wedding. But have you thought about what type of lighting to use for the reception celebration?

With so much to book in advance for your big day, lighting can be an afterthought. Yet we like to think of it as the icing on the cake that can really bring all the details together. The right lighting effects can set the mood, create share-worthy photo opportunities, and can even help you save money on other decorating details, because it gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

The Kahootz Lighting Options To Create Your Best Event

The Kahootz Entertainment team will work with you to create lighting effects that enhance your event, whether it’s a wedding, corporate party, or other social gathering. We’ve built relationships with New England vendors that allow us to offer top of the line lighting services to you for a reduced price. Our packages start at $650 and go up from there depending upon the effects and add-ons you desire.


event lighting design

Your price also includes an on-site lighting engineer who stays for the entire length of your event to ensure everything goes as planned. Lighting is a fantastic way to draw attention to details at your wedding or event. Some of the lighting effects we can create for you include:

  • Pin Spotting – tiny lights often used to illuminate centerpieces, the wedding cake, tables, and other decorative elements at your event. It ensures your event’s beautiful details won’t be lost.
  • Uplighting – discreetly placed lighting on points of interest around the room, usually around the perimeter or at the base of architectural details. Uplighting can change color throughout your event. If your venue has interesting features, such as crown molding or decorative walls, uplighting can be used to attract attention to the space and light up the area from floor to ceiling.
  • Custom Gobo Projections – custom cut-out art that is projected onto a wall or the floor at an event. At a wedding, an example of custom gobo lighting would be the couple’s names displayed on the wall behind their table. A similar type of lighting is texture lighting, which splashes an entire wall with a pattern or design.
  • String Lights – probably the most familiar type of event lighting, it is simply strung lights or light bulbs that hang across an area.
  • Starry Night Lighting – this is a gorgeous lighting effect that covers the ceiling of a venue with a pattern that looks like the stars or clouds.
  • Moving Heads – this is a fun lighting effect where the light moves around the room. It can be set to move to music and is a great way to enhance the dance floor atmosphere.

Lighting effects present an opportunity to get creative with the atmosphere and really wow your guests! The Kahootz team can offer lighting suggestions and work with you to create your dream event. Call us at 857-263-3431 or visit to fill out our form and receive a free quote.