Matching the Music with the Moment

When you are one of the top wedding bands in Boston, there is no doubt that even the band members themselves get caught up in the emotion of the moment. We are not impervious to the feelings of joy and love out there among the guests, the groom, the bride, the families and friends. Whatever type of music we play and sing, we have seen and felt how it touches the heart and evokes strong emotions. We have seen our music help form good memories, bring families together and build lasting friendships. How do we know all of this? …Well, as musicians, we understand the power of music and that is in part why we are drawn to it as a way of life.

But, did you know that scientists also agree that music has a true effect on our mood?

A lot of musicologists and academics have proven that music holds an immensely powerful influence over our moods and emotions.  Have you ever been driving along in the commuter lane when one of your favorite old songs from summers gone by comes on the radio or found yourself listening to classical music on a weekend morning while reading the New York Times?  Music really can change your mood, calm your thinking or increase your brainpower

In his book The Mozart Effect, Don Campbell shows us that music is medicine for the body, the mind, and the soul. He illustrates how modern science has increasingly gone along with this wisdom, finding evidence that listening to certain types of music can improve the quality of life in almost every respect. So, as you plan your wedding, try and remember to include a little jazz, a bit of salsa, rock, reggae and soul into your day. Kahootz can play it all!

Here is what Don Campbell lists as some of the healing qualities of various musical genres and styles:

  • Jazz, blues, soul or calypso music uplift and inspire us. The music can release deep joy, a sense of  wit and re-affirming our shared humanity.
  • Salsa, rhumba, merengue and any form of South American music get our pulse going, makes us move, relax all the while awakening our senses.
  • Big band, Top 40 and country music engage our feelings and sentiments and are comforting to us.
  • Rock music brings out our passion and activity, and will release daily tensions. Rock can also mask pain and cover up unpleasant noises.
  • Ambient or New Age music is light on rhythm so it stretches the sense of space and time, inducing a state of relaxed alertness.
  • Heavy metal and hip-hop music excites our nervous system, and sometimes leads us into acting out dynamic behavior and self-expression.
  • A Gregorian chant creates quiet in our minds and can reduce stress.
  • Slower Baroque music, such as Bach, Handel, Vivaldi or Corelli, can create an environment for creativity and new innovations.
  • Classical music, such as Haydn and Mozart, improves concentration and memory.
  • Romantic music, such as Schubert, Schumann, Tchaikovsky , Chopin and Liszt, enhances our senses and increases a sense of sympathy and love.
  • Impressionist music, such as Debussy, Faure and Ravel, can put us in touch with our unconscious thoughts and belief systems.
  • Religious and sacred music such as hymns and gospel moves us to feel grounded in the moment, and leads to deep peace and spiritual awareness. Sacred music often helps us to transcend pain.

Interestingly some rhythms induce enzymes in the brain which adds to our sense of well being and focus.

Across genres, music puts you in touch with your inner beliefs and desires and the cadence can create an amazing mental landscape for you to read, relax or reflect on your day.

Consider what kind of mood you want to set for your wedding day and no doubt we could match the music with the moment!

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