Mistakes People Make When It Comes To Wedding Music and How to Avoid Them

When planning for your wedding, there are usually so many things to think about, that it is very easy for little things that could end up having a huge impact on your wedding day, to be ignored. Now, we all know that your wedding is only as good as your music, so when it comes to avoiding as many mistakes as possible, your wedding music is a great place to start. Kahootz Entertainment offers the most sought after wedding bands in Boston, Massachusetts. Our band regularly travels the entire state of Massachusetts and enhances your special night with quality music that you and your guests will remember fondly for years to come. Here are two popular mistakes that you should avoid when setting up the entertainment for your wedding.



  • Don’t hire the band to play only for the time frame of your ceremony

You don’t want your guests who choose to come early, to show up at your location and wonder if they are in the right place because they are met with silence. We suggest telling the band to start playing at least 15 to 30 minutes before your ceremony starts. This can also help signal your guests that it is time for them to be seated. An extra 15 minutes of music after your ceremony ends can also ensure that your guests are not filing out in awkward silence.

  • Hiring a band that only plays one genre

Make sure that your band can accommodate many tastes and ages when it comes to music. Our band is quite versatile and is experienced in music which includes: Motown, Soul, 80s Dance, Rock, Disco, Jazz, Contemporary hip hop, rhythm & blues, Sinatra’s classics and popular wedding music from around the world.

Kahootz Entertainment has the best of Boston’s wedding bands and we’re ready to make your special event a hit (Pun intended). Our entertainment features the best quality talents and experience, so please let us know how we can help to make your wedding a total success. Contact us today!

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