Deciding Who Picks the Mother-Son Wedding Dance Song: Tips for a Harmonious Choice

When planning a wedding, you may wonder who picks the mother-son wedding dance song when planning a wedding.

Typically, it’s a collaborative effort between the groom and his mother, balancing their tastes to find a meaningful song for their dance. 

Dive into our guidance on navigating this choice smoothly, ensuring the music perfectly encapsulates the bond for this particular moment.

Key Takeaways

  • The mother-son dance is a deeply symbolic moment that honors the bond between the groom and his mother, often set to a meaningful song that captures their relationship.
  • Choosing the song for the mother-son dance is a collaborative effort. It blends the groom’s personal tastes, preferences, and shared memories with his mother for a poignant experience.
  • Exploring various music genres and reflecting on shared memories can help select the perfect song for the mother-son dance, balancing sentimentality with a joyous and celebratory atmosphere.

The Importance of the Mother-Son Dance

The traditional mother-son dance is truly a remarkable moment. It’s a testament to the lifelong bond between a mother and her son, a symbol of everlasting love and support. This dance serves as an opportunity for the groom to honor his mother, acknowledging this special bond while creating a memorable moment at the wedding.

The mother-son dance plays a pivotal role in mother-son wedding celebrations, showcasing the unique relationship between the groom and his mother during the mother-son wedding dance. This tradition provides a platform for the groom to express his deep appreciation for his mother – it’s a heartfelt tribute to the woman who nurtured him, guided him, and stood by his side through life’s ups and downs.

Mother son dance

The Emotional Connection

The mother-son dance is more than just a dance; it’s an emotional connection expressed through music and movement. The choice of song plays a significant role in highlighting this connection. From lyrics expressing love and support to tunes that tug at the heartstrings, the song choice can magnify the emotional depth of the dance.

Songs that reflect on the values a mother has taught her son or the influence she has had on his life can create a powerful, heartfelt moment. This is especially true with country songs, which often capture the essence of family bonds, nostalgia, and heartfelt emotion, making them a popular choice for mother-son dances.

Wedding Traditions

The tradition of the mother-son dance has a rich history. It became more common in wedding celebrations post World War II, symbolizing appreciation for the groom’s mother and her significant role in his life.

The mother-son dance is usually scheduled after the couple’s first dance, and the father-daughter dance is part of the traditional wedding reception. It holds a special significance in celebrating the bond between the groom and his mother. This positioning in the schedule emphasizes the dance’s importance and ensures it’s a highlight of the wedding reception.

As the mother and son take to the dance floor, it’s a cherished moment that leaves a lasting impression on the guests. They capture the essence of being forever young in this wonderful world as they make the mother-son dance happen.

Who Picks the Song?

When it comes to choosing the song for the mother-son dance, it’s typically a collaborative process. The mother and son choose the song together, with the groom usually making the selection but considering his mother’s input. This collaborative decision-making ensures the song holds meaning for both parties, contributing to a more poignant dance.

Both the groom and the mother attach equal significance to the song. It holds special meaning for both of them. Some grooms have specific songs in mind that represent their bond with their mother. The song choice can also be influenced by beloved artists, genres, or significant memories shared by both mother and son, adding an extra layer of personalization to the dance.

Collaborative Decision-Making

The mother and son should be involved in choosing the mother-son dance song. This ensures the song holds meaning for both parties and reflects their shared journey. After all, the mother-son dance is not just about the groom; it’s a shared moment that also celebrates the mother’s role.

Mothers, too, may have a particular song in mind for the mother-son dance, one possibly envisioned since their son’s childhood. This highlights the emotional significance of the choice and the importance of considering the mother’s input when selecting the song.

Considering Personal Tastes and Preferences

The song chosen for the mother-son dance should reflect the groom’s and mother’s personalities. By selecting a song that resonates with their tastes and preferences, the dance becomes more than a tradition – it becomes a deeply personal and memorable moment.

Choosing the right song is critical for ensuring the moment is meaningful and memorable for the duo. Certain songs with universal lyrics, though originally love songs, can be beautifully adapted to the mother-son dance thanks to their broad applicability to familial love. If the mother and son are fans of rock music, characterized by a strong electric guitar presence, they can find songs that embody deep love and appreciation, making them fitting choices for the dance.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Mother-Son Dance Song

Choosing the perfect song for the mother-son dance can be a delightful journey. The ideal song should celebrate the unique relationship between mother and son and evoke nostalgia or fond memories of their shared journey. It’s important to ensure that the selected song celebrates the love between mother and son, steering clear from romantic themes to maintain the appropriateness of the dance.

In addition to being sentimental, the song should also uphold a festive atmosphere, reflecting the joyous occasion without implying that the groom is leaving his family. To make the mother-son dance even more unique, consider taking dance lessons. This prepares the mother and son for their dance and provides an additional bonding experience leading up to the wedding.

Mother and son dance

Reflecting on Shared Memories

When choosing the mother-son dance song, it is essential to reflect on shared memories. The song should encapsulate the shared experiences of the son and his mother—it’s not just about the melody but also the memories the music evokes.

Selecting a song reminiscent of joyful moments, such as childhood memories or special occasions, can significantly amplify the emotional impact of the dance. Lyrics that are personal and meaningful to the mother and son ensure that the dance captures the essence of their unique bond and shared history.

Songs with touching lyrics, like Chris Young’s ‘The Man I Want To Be,’ Michael Bublé’s ‘Close Your Eyes,’ and ‘Sweet Joy Of Mine’ by Joy Williams, are perfect examples of songs that make the mother-son dance a memorable moment. Some band Perry lyrics can also be considered for this special occasion, classics from the Beach Boys and even some Elton John lyrics. Faith Hill’s lyrics might be an excellent choice for country music fans. If you want something more classic, consider incorporating John Lennon, Paul Simon, or even Whitney Houston lyrics into the mother-son dance.

Balancing Sentimentality and Fun

While the mother-son dance is often sentimental, balancing this sentimentality with fun is equally important. The song can be an upbeat tune that captures the fun dynamic between the mother and son, breaking the mold of the traditional slow melody.

Personal tastes should guide the song selection, ensuring that the choice brings smiles and contributes to an enjoyable atmosphere for the wedding party. An upbeat song with a fast tempo can be suitable for a more energetic dance that breaks the expectation of a slow, traditional dance. And it doesn’t have to be the full song—a shorter, approximately 60-90-second song snippet can be just as effective, accommodating preferences for a concise yet spirited dance segment.

Exploring Various Genres

Don’t limit yourself to one genre when choosing a mother-son dance song. Exploring different genres, such as soulful ballads, inspirational tunes, or country music, ensures a rich pool of songs. Considering various musical categories like classics, uptempo, and sentimental songs allows for a more comprehensive selection.

Selecting an upbeat song can inject humor and keep the dance atmosphere light and joyful. Songs with an energetic tempo can enhance the celebration while also holding sentimental value for the mother and son. And for a truly unique touch, an acoustic version of a classic rock song or a modern pop hit can add a personalized element to the mother-son dance.

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Top Mother-Son Dance Songs in Different Genres

Choosing the perfect mother-son dance song is a journey through various musical genres. There’s a world of suitable music genres for mother-son dances to explore, including:

  • Rock
  • Classic
  • Country
  • Modern
  • Jazz

Each genre offers a unique mood and tone, allowing for a personalized song choice that suits the groom’s and his mother’s tastes and preferences.

Unique song choices for mother-son dances add a personal touch to the celebration. Whether it’s an upbeat tune that gets everyone tapping their feet or a slow melody that brings a tear to the eye, the perfect song can profoundly enhance the mother-son dance experience.

Classic Songs

Classic songs have a timeless appeal, often making them popular for mother-son dances. These songs have stood the test of time, their melodies and lyrics resonating with generations of music lovers.

A profoundly moving classic song can add a layer of sentimentality to the mother-son dance. The lyrics often encapsulate a universal theme of love, making them a fitting choice for this particular moment. Whether it’s a soulful ballad or a joyful tune, classic songs can create a poignant atmosphere for the mother-son dance.

Country Songs

With its heartfelt lyrics and warm melodies, country music is a fitting choice for the mother-son dance. These songs often capture the essence of family bonds and sincere emotion, making them a popular choice for rustic or modern weddings with an affinity for country music.

There’s an extensive collection of popular country songs suitable for the mother-son dance. Whether it’s a song about a mother’s love, a son’s appreciation, or a shared life journey, country music offers a rich treasure trove of songs that can make the mother-son dance an unforgettable moment.

Rock Songs

Rock music offers diverse tempos and themes that can add a unique touch to the mother-son dance. It encompasses many emotions and experiences, from heartwarming ballads to upbeat anthems.

Classic rock songs like ‘Simple Man’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd and ‘Sweet Child of Mine’ by Guns N’ Roses carry a timeless appeal and are popular choices for mother-son dance. Soft rock tracks such as ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ by Bette Midler and ‘Landslide’ by Fleetwood Mac are excellent choices for a sentimental and subdued dance experience. For those who appreciate the power of words, exploring Guns N Roses lyrics can add more meaning to the mother-son dance, especially when choosing ‘Sweet Child of Mine.’

Conversely, contemporary rock songs, like ‘My Hero’ by Foo Fighters, provide an opportunity to personalize the mother-son dance with a modern rock edge. At the same time, some may even choose to incorporate meaningful Pink Floyd lyrics into their special moment.

Modern Songs

Modern songs reflect current musical trends and offer various styles and themes. Whether it’s an uplifting pop anthem or a profound indie ballad, modern songs can cater to multiple tastes and preferences.

Examples of modern, upbeat songs suitable for a mother-son dance include ‘Uptown Funk’ by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars, ‘Hey Mama’ by The Black Eyed Peas, and ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams. These songs inject a fun and joyful vibe into the mother-son dance, keeping the atmosphere light and celebratory. Incorporating contemporary genres into the mother-son dance reflects a current trend in modern weddings.


In conclusion, the mother-son dance is an emotional highlight of any wedding, symbolizing the enduring bond between a mother and her son. The perfect song choice can enhance this precious moment, from reflecting shared memories to exploring various genres. With careful consideration of personal tastes and preferences and the guiding expertise of a dedicated entertainment company like Kahootz Entertainment, the mother-son dance can be a truly unforgettable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who chooses the wedding entrance song?

Most couples choose the wedding entrance song for specific groups entering the ceremony space, such as parents, wedding party members, and each partner. Consider deciding which groups should have their special entrances and select songs accordingly. This allows for a personalized and meaningful entrance for each group.

What song does the groom dance with his mother?

The song the groom can dance with his mother is “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts. It is a popular choice with meaningful lyrics.

What is the tradition of the mother-son wedding dance?

The mother-son wedding dance is a special tradition that symbolizes the transition of a son becoming a husband and the pride of a mother. It holds deep sentimental value and creates a memorable moment between the two.

What tips can you offer for choosing the perfect mother-son dance song?

When choosing the perfect mother-son dance song, reflect on shared memories, balance sentimentality and fun, and explore various genres to find the right fit for both of you.

How does Kahootz Entertainment contribute to wedding music?

Kahootz Entertainment contributes to wedding music by providing live bands, DJs, and personalized service, ensuring unforgettable music experiences for couples on their special day.

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