Scituate Harbor Yacht Club

Isn’t it great when two people find each other and both families fit like peas in a pod ? Jessica and Thomas Leaver had their reception in Scituate on September 26th. They basically said you bring great music and we’ll bring the party. Neither of them were fibbing – whew what a party! There was a contingent there from Philadelphia that were determined to show us Bostonians a few things about what a party really is. I’m happy to say they have a new found respect for us but I have to tell you they could really hold their own on the dance floor. I want to throw out a special thank you to Tom Smedeila for sitting in the band on a Joe Cocker favorite. You know a guy is serious when he’s wearing his tie dyed tee shirt under his tux shirt all night. He killed that tune ! Tom (the groom) and Jess sent us a nice letter you can read on our reviews page if you’re inclined. Oh, that picture of the distinguished looking gentleman hamming it up with Amy and Leon is the bride’s father Frank Conahan.

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