Starry, starry nights – There is something about outdoor weddings that sweetens our sound

Some of our greatest moments as a wedding band are performing outdoors in either a concert , or more importantly at a summer wedding.

A friend once told me that she had a chance to meet the drummer Graeme Edge of the Moody Blues  – the classic band from the 1960s and 70s that sold over 70 million records and recorded songs like “Nights in White Satin.” It was a chance meeting with Mr. Edge as he was living in the Boston area at the time but our friend decided to grab her chance and ask this Rock and Roll veteran if he could tell her what he truly loved about being in a famous rock and roll band like the Moody Blues.

Without hesitation, Mr. Edge said that some of his favorite moments were performing outside  – rocking away and drumming on a summer night in concert, feeling the breeze or mist or sun as he played was something that he truly loved.

We love playing outdoors as well yet we also have the value of experience in dealing with the Mother Nature – especially on ones special wedding day.

Because of our varied experiences working at outdoor venues we’ve learned how to make it easy for our clients by sending them a list of our tent and power needs.  We do this for our client’s convenience so they can just hand this to their tent person in order for them to know exactly how to set everything up in order to keep everyone safe.

When our band is playing at a wedding held outside, the sound and feeling of our music reverberates in such a way that our sound can really reach the entire crowd. We have had some great nights in some great venues. We think we can safely say we think outdoor weddings enhance our sound. It seems that some of our musical greats think so, too.

Because we are foremost a high-energy dance band being equally adept at both Boston and Manhattan style parties we have had our share of outdoor performances and they are all memorable.  We have played near the sea, and by a lake, under the stars, and near the mountains. We get a kick out of the sound our instruments make and we can outplay the breaking waves or cicadas or fireworks. The sounds of nature on a night of celebration just make us want to get people dancing even more. When the evening breeze kicks in – it is sheer perfection.  Think about it!

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