Curtis Norman Warren Jr.
Tenor Saxophone, EWI, Background Vocals
In the moment when his lips meet with his mouthpiece, you will hear color, spice, and what it really means to be on beat. Tenor sax player Curtis Norman Warren Jr. never gives anything less. He was born the oldest of four on August 23rd, 1977, in the inner city of Baltimore, Maryland. Curtis began his music career as a member of the Lombard Middle School Jazz Combo (under the instruction of Dave Harriston), at the tender age of 12. He also mastered the soprano saxophone and performed for church services, school programs, cultural festivals, statewide soloing competitions, and concert halls like the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. His high school opportunities encouraged him to pursue and earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Music with a concentration in music education and performance at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. While earning his degree in Boston, Curtis led a band on Sunday nights at Wally’s Café, a place with a history of presenting only the most talented musicians. While playing gigs at various restaurants and concert halls including the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Curtis had the opportunity to meet and even perform with several bands and artist like Roy Hargrove, Cyrus Chesnut, George Russel, Gerome Kyles ,John Brown ‘s Body,Mo’ horns and Gary Thomas, to name a few. The influence of these “greats” and others comes out clearly in Curtis’s improvisational style, in any genre. One can recognize the styles of John Coltrane, Lester Young, Maceo Parker, Kirk Whalum, and Grover Washington, Jr. through Curtis’s playing. In addition to all these, Curtis’s other musical tastes include gospel, rhythm and blues, and funk. Curtis aspires to bring jazz to today’s generation in all the glory of its tradition, demonstrating the links of the sounds of jazz with popular genres like hip hop music. Curtis is now on faculty at the Berklee School of Music.