Jonathan Richer
Jonathan Richer was born and raised in Greenwich Village, New York City in July of 1996. Like many kids his age he grew up playing sports, mainly baseball, and dreamed of having a career as a professional athlete. However, by the end of elementary school Jonathan had started to show an interest in music and by eleven years old he was taking guitar lessons and music classes. At the age of thirteen Jonathan and his family moved to Florence, Italy and it was around this time Jonathan realized how serious he was about music. He stopped playing sports to focus full time on guitar with the dream of one-day playing music professionally. That year Jonathan started practicing upwards of eight hours a day, and he loved every minute of it! After his time in Italy, Jonathan moved back to New York City where he attended high school on the Upper West Side. Jonathan spent half his time at school in music classes learning composition, arranging, and music theory. By fifteen Jonathan was regularly gigging around New York City with a number of bands and by the end of high school he had already performed at Madison Square Garden, toured the East Coast and recorded on a number of albums. Following high school Jonathan went on to attended Berklee College of Music on a merit scholarship. He currently studies a dual major in Guitar Performance and Contemporary Writing & Production. Since moving to Boston in 2014 Jonathan has recorded and performed with several bands, as well as worked as a music director and producer for local talent around Boston and New York.