Tips To Having a Great Wedding

Weddings are extraordinary events that captivate the love two people have for each other. They are a time where friends and family come together to celebrate the bonding of a couple. However, weddings have a secret goal in mind. This goal is to throw a spectacular party that your loved ones will be talking about for years to come! To embody this ultimate goal of having the perfect celebration, start by thinking about the experience itself. Make sure that the wedding is interactive for everyone involved so they feel apart of this special event. Below are some tips on how to great the perfect wedding that everyone will remember!

Use Today’s Technology

Use a wedding app or wedding hashtag for your special day. There is an abundance of wedding apps across the web that all have different purposes for your wedding. Some apps keep you and your family up to date on wedding-related news. Others are more interactive by allowing guests can take photos and upload them to the app where all your wedding photos can be stored in one place. Which you can then download later on so not only do you have professional photos, you will have photos taken by friends and family throughout the whole night. A great way to make your guests feel involved is to have a hashtag specifically for your wedding. Guests can take photos or make statuses on their social media while using that hashtag. A creative way to get people involved with your wedding is by using Snapchat. Snapchat has been one of the fastest rising social media apps in the past couple of years. Create a Snapchat Geo-filter that is specific to your wedding. It is a great way for people to feel involved while showing your creative side and creating a great filter that showcases the couple’s interest.

Have A Great Seating Chart

No matter what type of catering system you have for your wedding, a good seating arrangement is imperative for guests to have a great time. Even though you may know everyone attending, your guests may not. Try to group people together that have similar backgrounds and interests so they will have something to talk about. Nothing is worse than having awkward silences during a time of celebration.

Greet Everyone

This may seem like common sense, but it goes a long way and everyone will appreciate the gesture. Not only does it feel good, it makes people feel connected when you greet them individually. Try to spend some time with everyone throughout the night. It can be talking during the cocktail hour, tearing it up on the dance floor or going around to each individual table and greeting that table. Any way you feel comfortable will be fine and just making the effort to thank them for joining you will go a long way.

Open Bar

Having an open bar is an essential to have for anyone looking to have a great wedding reception. People love to drink, and it definitely helps to get people who are not familiar with everyone else to be relaxed. Yes, open bars can be pricey but they are definitely worth it and can be made to fit your budget. If you need to cut back, try offering just beer, wine, and a few cocktails. No need to make your guests open up your wallets, let them focus on the celebration and not how much they have to spend that night.

Music & Song Requests

Probably one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding is making sure that you have a great DJ or wedding band that will keep your guests entertained all night long! Make sure you pick a band that is well known and one that has a plethora of good reviews. That is a sure fire way to know if this band or DJ will get the crowd going. Check out their website and look at the song list that the band performs, so you have an idea of what to expect. A great band will take requests because it is your wedding you should hear what you want! Also, do not forget about your guests! Make sure the DJ or band can give the people what they want as well, have them announce that they will take requests. This will keep your guests on the floor while dancing to crowd-favorites!

Have a D.I.Y Bar

No matter if it is an outdoor cigar bar, ice cream sundae bar, build your own biscuit bar or any type of bar where people can be creative, it is one way to make sure your wedding rocks! Everyone will enjoy making their own creations and have a feeling that they were a part of the wedding itself.

Photo Booth

Having a photo booth is a fun activity to have at your wedding reception. Family and friends can make endless memories of your special night. What makes photo booths even more fun is the use of props. A good photo booth will have a good amount of props for guests to use. That way, they can add some personality to their photo and make the event even more special.

Phone Charging Stations

The last, but not least, tip we have to creating a great wedding is having a place where people can charge their phones. Yes, you want their attention to be focus on having a good time and not on their phones but technology is a necessary evil. Guests will be taking photos and videos all through the night trying to capture every moment possible. Using the phone for that long and that many times will drain the battery. So if you want to see your wedding on Instagram and other social media platforms, it is good to have a charging station tucked away near the bathrooms or entrance of the reception.





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