Top Eight Reasons to Have a Big Party in Boston

An unsurprising new report finds people are getting married later or not at all, spending more of their adult lives solo and/or having kids alone. Yet dating and mating customs have remained virtually the same for a century.  We do love to perform at traditional weddings and our sound always suits these milestone events in people’s lives. But, we know there are many other milestones in life. So, being a top Boston wedding band is something we are proud of and we are happy for every couple that ties the knot and celebrates big.  In addition, in our line of work we feel fortunate that we get to be part of other milestones in people’s lives in the Boston area and the rest of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and even New Jersey.

We have come up with a top ten list of other great reasons to celebrate with us.

1. A Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary should be celebrated– whether it is a milestone year or an odd number  – couples should share the event that marks their love with music and dancing. It is the best way to honor that special someone in your life and start the next five, ten, fifteen, twenty years, etc. on the right note.

2. Post-Destination Wedding Reception

A post-destination wedding reception is a great idea for couples that get married out of town. The best part is that you can have the celebration right after the honeymoon or even two months down the road. Couples can have fun with this event, building it around a theme, perhaps including elements from the out of town celebration. Guests will appreciate being able to celebrate your union.

3. Milestone Birthdays

A birthday is a time to celebrate birth itself, and the joy of life. It is also an occasion to be marked.

On your birthday, gather with family and friends and dance!  In Europe it is traditional for the person celebrating the birthday to host it for his or her friends. If it is a special birthday like a big 3-0, 4-0, 5-0 – it is worth organizing a big celebration. We’ve even played at birthday parties for the younger generations such as this 18th birthday party held at the Deerfield Inn in Deerfield, MA.

4. New Year’s Eve

All it takes to have a great New Year’s Eve event is friends, the right attitude and of course, a place to party. So in order to make sure you’re spending the night with your favorite people think about a party in your region, town, or in a barn, backyard or private home.

5. A Company/Corporate Event Party

Kahootz can help you set the mood with your corporate/event party. We are old pros at making a company night one to remember and you can set your company apart by being the fun place to work! We have performed at many corporate events including the Boston Medical Center Gala and the South Shore Hospital Gala.

6. Christmas or Holiday party

People love to celebrate during the holidays and sometimes we can’t help but belt out a few renditions of White Christmas or Santa Baby. You have to see us get down at Christmas. We love those good old holiday parties when everyone can cut loose.

7.  Charity Fundraising Events

Large or mid-sized fund raising events, such as concerts, auctions, dinners, can sometimes be an effective way to raise money for a nonprofit organization. Most charity events need a sponsor and a venue, and Kahootz has been hired in the past to perform at many charity events in the Boston area and beyond. A well-managed charity event can really help out a great organization and our band always gets into the spirit of this and helps relay the message in the best way we know how – by bringing people together through music.

8. Graduation Party

We know that kids these days are graduating into one of the toughest economies in generations. Why not give them a boost with a graduation bash?

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