Uplighting and centerpiece pin spotting can spice up your wedding.

On your wedding day you want to put together a space to celebrate your monumental life moment that will be memorable to you and your guests. Uplighting and centerpiece pin spotting can be an excellent addition to your wedding décor that will exude glamour and create an enchanting ambiance to your event venue. If you’re not sure if your wedding needs lighting affects or where to begin with lighting for your special day, we’ve got the answers for you. Read on to learn more!

What is uplighting?

Uplighting is where light fixtures are placed on the floor, typically around the edge of a room, and the light is beamed upward. The light beams are usually shined up against a wall, drapes, or some kind of material hanging from the ceiling. Uplighting can vary in different light strengths, beam widths, and colors.

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What is centerpiece pin spotting?

Centerpiece pin spotting is when a narrow beam of light is shined down on a particular focal point, such as a table or centerpiece. Like uplighting, pin spotting can vary in beam strengths and colors to compliment the color palette of your wedding.

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What are the benefits of uplighting and pin spotting?

Both uplighting and pin spotting can add a dramatic affect to your wedding or event.  Evening and nighttime weddings that are indoors are typically limited in lighting options. The venue lights can either be turned on, off, or possibly dimmed and the color of the light is most likely only going to be white. However, with uplighting, the venue lights can be turned off and colorful uplighting and pin spotting lights will accent the room while still being bright enough to allow visibility. Uplighting and pin spotting can transform the event space throughout the evening. Dazzle your guests with lighter colored uplighting during dinner and then create a more dramatic affect with bolder or brighter colors when it’s time to hit the dancefloor.

Pin spotting can also add a striking affect to the ambiance of your event space. Centerpiece pin spotting can attract attention to tables and centerpieces all night long and can add a twist to bouquets or glassware with changes in colors of light. Pin spotting is also a great way to draw extra attention to your wedding cake.

Uplighting and pin spotting could be the charm that gives your wedding the pop it needs. Contact Kahootz Entertainment to add some flavor to your wedding and amaze you and your guests!


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