Wedding Entertainment Trends You Need To Know

Just as we touched on wedding trends to look for in 2018, there are trends to know that deal with your wedding entertainment. What is great about these entertainment trends is that they are not just specific to weddings, as you can apply them to corporate events, fundraisers, and other private events. As an entertainment agency that caters to all of these events, we have compiled a list of wedding entertainment trends.

  1. Long Reception – If you cannot afford an after party for your special day, nor do you think you can have the energy for one, try opting for a longer reception. After all, the reception is the most exciting aspect of a wedding as that is where the real celebration begins. Keep the party going and extend your reception to last throughout the night. You will want to find entertainment experienced to play for a long time.
  2. Interactivity – When it comes to choosing your wedding entertainment, you will want to have entertainment that gets everyone involved. Be sure to make sure you look for entertainment that will make your guests feel apart of the experience and not just attending it.
  3. Guest Involvement – Just like with making sure your entertainment is interactive you will want to scout for acts that will get the guests involved. Weddings nowadays are just as much as the guests as they are as celebrating the bride and groom. You want to be great hosts and make sure this is an event to be remembered and a great way to do this is by making your guests feel apart from the wedding experience. Make sure musical entertainment involves guests with dances, shoutouts, song suggestions and more.
  4. Reception Lounge – A good way to separate the celebration with relaxation is by having a reception lounge. This is a great way for guests to talk to each other and take a break from the festivities. To enhance this experience, try offering different food items and have a small quartet or band to play soothing music that won’t interrupt conversations.
  5. Jazz – When it comes to music for weddings and other private events, jazz is a genre that can be added to any event. This music is classy, smooth, and great for setting the mood for conversation and get-togethers. Add dynamic to your night by switching to and from jazz throughout the duration of your wedding or event.
  6. Traditions – Traditions such as a bouquet toss are staples to any wedding, but as the years go by traditions are transforming. People are coming up with or carrying over family traditions to these special events as they mean more to them. Whatever the tradition is sure to add it to the wedding, including your guest, and be sure your entertainment knows as well so they can prepare in the best way possible.

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