What Determines A Good Wedding MC?

When it comes to weddings, there is usually an MC to make sure the night is going according to plan and to keep the energy level high. This is a wedding after all and the aura should be full of happiness and fun! An MC’s duties may include wedding introductions, speech announcements, dance announcements, cake cutting announcements, bouquet toss announcements, and guest exiting announcements. That is a lot of tasks for one person, but it can be done if they have the ingredients for success. Below are different factors that will make the MC at your wedding the best one yet!


Preparation is incredibly important for a wedding MC as they are the ones who will be running the event. They should know what is going on for the night before they arrive for the wedding. A well-prepared master of ceremonies will know everyone and everything at the wedding they will be hosting. They should know what will be happening for the event and when, the coordinator, VIPs, and what is most important for the bride and groom. If they will be introducing a wedding party they should know who is on the list for that party as well as get the correct pronunciations of names.

Properly Introduce Themselves

When it comes to the master of ceremonies for this illustrious event, all the guests should know who will be speaking most of the night. Guests should also be informed of what to expect as the night progresses and the fun rises. A great MC will introduce the venue to the guests as well as where to hang their coats, inform guests where the bathrooms are located, etc.

Well Dressed

Let’s face it, it is a wedding after all and everyone should be looking sharp and well presented. For the MC, however, they should be one of the best dressed (aside from the bride & groom) at the event. They will be the one that all the eyes are on during announcements and transitions throughout the reception.

Friendly To Wedding Guests

The MC is essential a host, and having a host that everyone enjoys both on and off stage is extremely important and can set the mood for the entire night. Great MCs should be friendly at all times, introduce themselves to everyone and keep a positive attitude. That way their requests will be welcomed such as “Can you please be seated?” or “May I have your attention please?” An MC with a warm personality both on and off the microphone will guide a fun-filled night.

Ready For Surprises

Any event can be planned all the way to the last minute of the night but like with anything in life, unexpected events may occur. Surprises such as weather changes, wardrobe malfunctions, last minute wedding party changes, etc. To stand out from other MCs, carry a pencil/pen or paper handy to write down any changes so you are prepared for anything. If your MC is part of a wedding band, the band should be able to quickly adjust and play appropriate music accordingly to keep the energy high and to keep the night rolling.


At times an MC could come off as boring or “scripted” as they sound like they are reading things from an index card. The ability to add personality and be able to improvise for different moments will go a long way. Any speech given to the audience should sound natural and uplifting rather than dull.


When it comes to a wedding, communication is the utmost of importance. The caterer, photographer, video team, live band, and master of ceremonies should all be on the same page. No matter what the announcement is, the MC should make sure that the caterers, photographers, and band are all ready to introduce the next event or announcement. With our Boston and New England wedding bands, each band has their own MC to cut down on vendors which can help with communication.

Upbeat Energy

As mentioned many times before, the sole purpose of the master of ceremonies for a wedding reception is to keep the energy high and be the life of the party. Weddings already are a joyous time as family and friends get to converge, catch up and parents witnessing the success of raising their child. The air will be filled with great vibes and high spirits so a great MC should capitalize on these feelings and have them continue until the last minute of the event.

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