Your Wedding’s Music Timeline

When it comes to your wedding entertainment, you can either have us at Kahootz entertainment pick and play great songs for you or you can give us a list of all the songs you want to be played. You can also just pick some particular songs that you want to hear for special moments and then let us figure out all the rest. In other to help with your choices, here is a timeline of all the times that you’ll need music at your wedding.



  • Arrival Background Music

This is for when the guests are arriving, just before the ceremony begins. Our band can play jazz or contemporary music as background music for about 20 minutes before the event starts.

  • The Wedding Procession and Bridal March

You’ll need music when the wedding party is entering the venue, and also for the bridal march. You can choose a song depending on your wedding theme or let our band play the usual wedding march if you’re keeping things traditional.

  • Cocktail Hour

This is just before your wedding reception starts. Pictures are usually ongoing at this point and cocktails are also being served. You can request that our band plays songs specific to your relationship at this point or just have us play some random background music.

  • The Wedding Party Entrance

Our band will play songs that you have chosen for this entrance. You can request a special and different song for the bride and groom entrance or have the same song played throughout.

  • The First Dance

As the moment you and your partner get to pay attention to each other for the first time since the day started, we suggest you choose a song that you both like for this one.

  • During the Meal

Again, background music is what will serve here. It will be played while meals are served with the volume low enough to accommodate the dinner’s conversations.

  • The Parent-Child Dance

The father-bride and mother-groom dances will, of course, need music. We suggest a bit of the oldies to jog sweet memories.

  • The Wedding Party Dance And Open Dance

This is party time at your wedding reception. The music will be lively and fun as people put the amazing food that they’ve just indulged in, to good use.

  • The Last Song

This song will signal the end to what we hope, has been a beautiful day for you both and all your guests.

Kahootz Entertainment has got you covered when it comes to wedding entertainment in Boston. We’d love to hear from you, so please give us a call today.

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